Kabalarians – Who am I?

I know click bait is bad, but there was one that caught my eye. The Society of Kabalarians. I know that numerology falls in the same categories as astrology, Bigfoot, and other magical and mystical mental creations, but this one made me think. So even if it is mumbo jumbo, it creates a curiosity of the mind and deeper insight to our hidden realities.

Here is what my report said about my name and birth date:

Birth path For: July 21, 1968

The date of your birth indicates that you have the potential of a deep thinker who wonders about the reason for being. You are intrigued by the unexplained and the mysteries of life. Your role is to bring out the depth of people’s minds above the mundane and superficial aspects to the greater philosophical purpose of life.
Within you is an ability to inspire others and to appreciate the aesthetic values of life. Your potential includes a natural interest in
mathematics, science, philosophy, and all the phenomena and beauties of life. Poetic and literary creativity or musical and artistic expression could result from your interpretation of nature-(the beauty of flowers, the sound of the birds, the wind in the trees, sunrises and sunsets, or gently falling snow). The beauty in life touches you deeply.
With your sensitive inner quality, and effort on your part to think about life, you could express great knowledge and beauty of concept orally and through the pen. Time spent alone in the outdoors to appreciate the beauties of nature could provide you with relief from the stress of life.
Your inspirational inner qualities require creative outlets in such fields as art, music, drama, and composition or outdoor activities. You could develop great powers of concentration, but must guard against over-sensitivity and inner turbulence.


The name of Tony causes you to feel deeply for people and stirs a desire to ease the suffering in the world. You are refined in your manner, talkative, and charming. People are drawn to you because of your kindness and sympathy; and those that confide in you benefit from your common sense advice. Success could come in positions dealing with the public as you are diplomatic, tactful, and able to put people at ease. Although you have good business judgment, you are not aggressive in your dealings and could be taken advantage of. While you take your responsibilities seriously, your lack of confidence undermines your initiative to get the job done. Learn not to depreciate your abilities; rather, strive to exert your will to do what you know should be done. Issues in close relationships could arise due to procrastination: for example, you may willingly help a friend or neighbor but leave home tasks unfinished. In your desire to create harmony between people you are inclined to vacillate on your opinions or stretch the truth to avoid unpleasantness. You love the security of a home and family; you are fond of children and would make a good parent. Generally speaking, you have few problems with your health; however, there could be a weakness affecting the fluid functions of the body such as kidney problems or weak circulation. Worry could undermine peace of mind especially if you are put in the position of making difficult decisions or you have taken on too much


The surname of Hicks creates a dynamic and versatile family who have high humanitarian ideals, but not the perseverance to bring them into fruition. Sensitive and intuitive, they feel far too much, often relying on hunches. Intolerant of unfair treatment of others, they may appoint themselves dispensers of justice. They have clever, seeking, and analytical minds, although sometimes a disregard for logic when responding to a dare. A strong need for new experiences drives them to extreme physical challenges and does not allow relaxation or peace of mind. This family loves change and travel, and cannot bear monotony, routine, or any form of restriction. They do better in occupations where they have complete freedom to exercise their creativity and original ideas. Their need for independence does not allow them to merge with others. Although they have boundless energy and the desire to accomplish something worthwhile in life, they usually start too many projects, mismanage their energies, and fail to bring their undertakings to a successful completion. Impulsive and intense, they attract chaotic situations and could encounter serious accidents. Disappointments in people and unfulfilled ambitions can lead to cynicism, bitterness, and moods of depression to the point where they question whether life is worth living. Frustration is expressed in caustic and uncontrolled speech, often undermining financial success and personal compatibility. While there are deep feelings for each other, volatile outbursts often make life difficult for those they love the most, and the more sensitive members especially feel hurt and insecure. The home environment does not provide a foundation for stability and harmony. The chaos engendered by this name could affect the happiness and well being of all members of the family. Intensity and turmoil tend to create health weaknesses in the nervous system that could result in hysteria, strokes, paralysis, and thyroid disorders. Tension also centers in the digestion and solar plexus, and could cause stomach disorders, severe nausea, cramps, or ulcers
This surname of Hicks has limitations and it is not in harmony with your first name and birth date. It is another influence that could
create confusion and lack of good health over time. All hereditary characteristics are carried down each family through the surname.

Tony Hicks

Your names of Tony Hicks show that your overall desire is for settled, secure conditions in a responsible position where you would have independent authority to make your own decisions on behalf of yourself and others. However, these names draw you away from people and from the opportunity for congenial close association, creating a separateness, which in turn causes misunderstanding and aloneness, and limits scope for success. You often just miss the key opportunities you strive for, as someone else invariably is given the position you thought would be yours. Although you do achieve a degree of success because of the stable conditions you attract, the full fruition of your efforts is not forthcoming. Personal happiness and close personal relationships evade you, resulting in a tendency to moods and self-pity. These names could affect your health in the respiratory organs or heart.
The destiny that you experience has not allowed your full potential to express.

To the extent that you use the business signature of Tony Hicks, it would bring you a degree of financial stability and success but it does not enable you fully to realize your expectations and ambitions. It would involve you in responsibilities, which you would take very seriously, perhaps to the extent of worry. You would be taken into situations in which contact with others is restricted and your efforts and capabilities unrecognized. Opportunities would usually go to someone else. This signature attracts many misunderstandings in your business dealings, thus spoiling your ability to negotiate the most favorable terms, or to bring arrangements to a completely satisfactory conclusion.

Your names have allowed a certain degree of accomplishment and success; however, there are definite drawbacks and conflicting influences that will spoil your long-term personal happiness and fulfillment, and business success.
These conditions will continually occur (despite your best efforts) and will limit your success in life.

Your combined names of Tony Hicks take you into too many isolated circumstances where you experience much aloneness and sensitivity. Though this destiny allows you to experience a measure of financial success, it is difficult to achieve complete fulfillment of your goals and ambitions. Your success in your working life is limited as you are often overlooked when new opportunities arise because your names do not engender personal and business opportunities or the easy-flow of communication with others. Your combined names create a separateness that does not bring happiness in associations. Even in a crowd, you feel left out and misunderstood. You may find solace on your own in nature, i.e. gardening, walking, hiking, or fishing, or in making your living in an outdoors environment or dealing with the products of the earth. With this destiny tension affects the respiratory organs because of unfulfilled ideals and ambitions. you are drawn into many isolated circumstances where you experience much aloneness and sensitivity and it is difficult to achieve complete fulfillment of your goals and ambitions.

What does it all mean?

It means that like astrology, faith healers, and oh yeah…Bigfoot…it’s bogus canned responses to the characters in my name. But somehow it also manages to point out, with a scary accuracy, some truths about me.

  1. I am a sensitive as are my father and grandfather.
  2. I am a creator of art, music, and literature.
  3. I’ve been told I can be charismatic.
  4. I prefer to be alone.
  5. I am deeply moved by others suffering. I tend to soak up their pain like a sponge.
  6. I have difficulty with relationships.
  7. I have respiratory issues.
  8. Especially in a crowd I feel left out and misunderstood, unless, I am the center of attention. Then I am not in the crowd but separate.

Plato was credited with the quote from Socrates, “An unexamined life is not worth living”

Don’t be complacent in where you are. You can always improve. Examine your life, make the necessary changes. Be happy where you are with what you have. Give love freely. Be open to new ideas and challenges. Most importantly PUSH NEGATIVITY ASIDE, EMBRACE JOY IN THE SIMPLE THINGS IN LIFE!

Life is too short to accept grief, pain, and disappointment. Be the hero in your mind you are meant to be.

If you are interested in checking your name and birth date yourself, go to: https://www.kabalarians.com/cfm/Your.cfm

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