Room 13 is a state of mind

Walking through the void of life, I’m a half step behind. Or is it a half step in front?
The light and darkness merge. An unnameable medley of existence envelopes my mind.
Am I here or am I there? Or am I nowhere?

Maybe I am everywhere.

Am I me? Am I you?
I am moving far too quickly at the same time moving far too slow.
My soul burns from the freezing cold.

My mind wanders from reality to reality looking for an anchor to stop my journey.
How can I settle in this continuum? Where do I belong in this universe?
I’m an alien at home in an unfamiliar world. Longing for what I do not remember.
A rest, a short rest, to stop the uncertainty. The confusion. The unbalanced dizzy dance.

Pull me from where I cannot run. Push me to where I cannot stay.
Guide my dissonant path. Show me a map of wholeness for I already know to well the path in the wilderness.

I’ve seen the signs, I’ve seen the lights. I hear their cry.
I step over the others lying in my road, the unknown remains of the unknowable.
I hear the call, I can feel the power, but I’m one thought down. A million miles away.

Lost but found. Complete but fractured. Awake but still in a dream.
Knowing that I’m beautifully broken. My smile begs close your eyes and look at me.
See what I cannot see. Be who I cannot be. Help me find my way home.

The way out of Room 13
The place I’ve never been….


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